How to let rsync detect file RENAMEs

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Thu May 20 08:23:39 MDT 2010


rsync only synchronizes one way. If you mean that when you change the  
file in location A then you run rsync A to B and when you change the  
file in B side, you run a different command rsync B to A, it's OK. If  
you want rsync to automatically see which side changed, rsync doesn't  
do that. For this job, consider using Unison

rsync = one-way sync
unison = both way sync

Otherwise, look at man rsync to see the options to do your sync, that  
means delete options.



Le 20 mai 10 à 16:07, Ben Stover a écrit :

> Assume I start with two absolutely equal directory trees.
> Now I rename in one of the directory trees a file from aaa.txt to  
> bbb.txt
> How EXACTLY can I tell rsync to synchronize the other directory tree.
> That means that in the other partner directory tree the missing file  
> should be deleted and the new, renamed file should be copied?
> This should work regardsless on which side/partner dir tree the  
> rename took place.
> Which parameters do I have to use?
> Thank you
> Ben
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