DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7382] Fails to copy with ACL issue if src user is unknown (OSX 10.6 only)

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Sun May 2 17:06:14 MDT 2010

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------- Comment #2 from wayned at  2010-05-02 18:06 CST -------
Yeah, the ACL structures must have a user and group, represented internally by
ID number (32 bits max).  To work around this, we'd need to make the mac ACL
info get turned into xattr info (which can hold arbitrary data), and then
turned back into ACL info on the receiving side.  That should allow the larger
ID values to get copied exactly (without any translation, which may be what you

Possible implementation options:
1. have the -A try to translate the value into a uid+gid, and if that fails,
add the ACL data to the xattr data (failing or warning if the copying of xattrs
was not enabled).
2. have an option to send all ACL data as xattr data.

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