Rsync copies all files, not just changed files

Khalid J Hosein kjh at
Mon Mar 1 16:35:36 MST 2010

Hello all,

I have a strange problem where rsync is copying over all files instead of
just the ones that have changed.

My setup:
Backup server runs a script that calls rsync in more or less this form:
   "rsync --rsh=ssh user at /localbackup"

Of course, I use a # of options, but the main ones are "-axS"

Just in case, here are the other options I use: --delete --force --stats
--cvs-exclude --bwlimit=100 --exclude-from=rsync-excludes.txt

Backing Up Other Machines
I've tried and use this same script from the same backup machine against
other servers (on different hosts) and found that the exact same set of
options worked just fine.

Other Tests
I've scoured the lists and Web for solutions and tried things like
--size-only, --ignore-times, --checksum and --whole-file. I've broken down
my list of options to nothing and tried countless combinations (using dry
runs), but haven't had any luck. I keep getting the notorious "Matched data:
0 bytes" in my stats.

At this point, the only thing that I can think of is something to do with
the target server (CentOS release 5.4,, i686), but I can't think of
what exactly.

Any help would be appreciated. TIA.

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