rsync 3.0.5 Appears to be Transferring Unchanged Files

Norbert Hoeller nhoeller at
Wed Jun 30 12:01:37 MDT 2010

Further testing has determined that the rsync command is working as 
advertised.  backuppc uses a Perl implementation of File::RsyncP that 
communicates with rsync.  The Ubuntu port for ARM processors appears to 
label a significant number of blocks as changed even through the source 
and target files are identical.  The problem has been reported to Craig 
Barratt and the ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing list.

> I have been using backuppc (rsync protocol) to backup up a Linux web 
> server onto a local server for a number of years.  I recall that data 
> volumes were quite low (about 40MB), regardless of whether I was doing 
> full or incremental backups.  I recently switched to both a new web 
> and backuppc server.  Early morning traffic volumes when backuppc runs 
> much higher than expected - I have seen volumes as high as 450MB.

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