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Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Fri Jun 25 11:45:44 MDT 2010

                If this isn't the correct list for cwRsync issues, I
apologize and hope someone can point me in the right direction.  Otherwise,
keep reading .




                I noticed something odd today with one of our backups.  I
have an NT 2000 machine that pushes files to a 2003 Server machine and today
someone brought to my attention that the backup seems to have well over
100GiB more than the primary server.  When I checked and compared the
drives, sure enough there was.  Now, I have cwRsync set to --delete and
--delete-excluded and looking at the log file it's doing what it's supposed
to be doing and deleting (some) stuff, so this was baffling.  There were no
errors indicating it couldn't delete files, nothing.


                Doing a little bit more investigating I find that some of
the folders on the backup server (which is the 2003 Server) had "invalid
permissions" (as vague as only Windows can be of course).  Right-clicking on
the folder and going into Properties -> Security, I'd get a message telling
me the permissions were "invalid" and it gives me an opportunity to
fix/reset them.  Well that's all fine and dandy, however here's where I'm
scratching my head:


a)      Those folders were initially created by cwRsync when they were
originally backed up

b)      There are other folders that have correct permissions and are being
synced just fine

c)       How did those folders end up with "incorrect permissions" if no one
touches that machine, ever. cwRsync is the only thing that does (through the

d)      If cwRsync had a problem with those folders (and couldn't delete
them), why would it not indicate that in the log file?


Needless to say this is causing quite a bit of head scratching today.  I've
reset all the folders and will check tomorrow morning after the sync ran
overnight so see whether it did delete those folders as it should.


Anyone got any suggestions?


The script I'm running has the following command in it:


"C:\Program Files\cwRsync\bin\rsync.exe" -arvz --progress --partial --delete
--delete-excluded --filter=". C:\Documents and
Settings\Administrator\Desktop\DAILY BACKUP\filter.txt" --filter="-sr
/Network Trash Folder" --log-file="C:\Documents and
Settings\Administrator\Desktop\DAILY BACKUP\AbyssI_LOG.doc" /cygdrive/f/


The filter.txt file contains the following entries:


- .*

- /ICON*

- /cygdrive/y/ICON*

- /cygdrive/z/ICON*


- /Desktop Folder

- /System Volume Information

- /Temporary Items

- /TheFindByContentFolder

- /TheVolumeSettingsFolder

- /Network Trash Folder

- /msdownld.tmp

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