How dangerous is --inplace

Carlos Carvalho carlos at
Wed Jun 16 18:33:27 MDT 2010

A B (gentosaker at wrote on 16 June 2010 23:16:
 >How dangerous is acctually the --inplace option if you want to run
 >rsync to update files that are only  read and not written to?

If they're not written to they don't change so that they don't need to
be updated :-)

 >What is the worst that can happen?

Depends on your usage. If there are readers during the sync they'll
probably get a corrupted version; this is usually not acceptable. If
it's a backup it's rarely a problem. However during the update you
have no working backup; if there's a crash in the source in this
period and you lose the original you lose everything. If you have
multiple or incremental backups it's not a problem.

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