rsync solaris 10 Value too large

thesunshine sunshine thesunshine99 at
Wed Jun 9 18:37:10 MDT 2010


I am trying to copy the >10G file from S8 to S10. But I am getting the Value
too large error message

send_files failed to open /src_dirc/filename: Value too large for defined
data type
rsync error: error in file IO (code 11 ) at main.c(1508) [ generator=3.0.7]

I also recompile with rsync with CFLAGS='-s -m64 -HAVE_OFFSET64_T' . But
rsync throws same error message.

Is there some where code , which I have to change the file size default
setting. Or is there any way to fix that error message. I appreciate your

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