--compare-dest weirdness

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at citd.de
Wed Jul 21 03:21:30 MDT 2010

On 21.07.2010 10:22, Kevin Murray wrote:
> Hi Henri
> Thanks very much. LBackup looks good, but i need a solution which only
> copies files which have changed, and does not link the others, as the
> folder is destined for a tar archive. Also, the copied files must be
> fully functional, i.e. must be whole files, not just differences like
> rdiff. this is why im using rsync.
> Using checksum works, however with over 600gb to backup it is not a
> viable option.

That's easy:

rsync with --link-dest so that all files that aren't changed are 

Then to 'tar' all changed or new files you want a list of files without 
hardlinks as those are the files that where changed or new(*):
find <dir> -type f -links 1 > files.lst
tar <options> --files-from=files.lst

I'm assuming hardlinks aren't used within the source-directory. 
Otherwise find would skip those files too as they would also have more 
than 1 link.

Also symlinks and special-files are excluded by the example.

Bis denn

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