Linux, rsync files excluding open/busy files

bvidinli bvidinli at
Wed Jul 14 03:06:27 MDT 2010


I read many posts about this, faq, googled, and finally got to write here.

The scenario/question is this:
I want to transfer files from Server B -> Server C
the problem is that, files that are to be transfered may be open/busy,
meaing they are "not still complete, " or they are open while rsync is

Is there a way to automatically handle these open files using rsync ,
rsync options ?
I mean, It should be like " copy/rsync files to Server C, but exclude
'already open' files"

I can handle this using lsof and excluding files individually, but, I
would rather prefer rsync handles this automatically.

If this feature is not present in rsync, I ask developers: this would
be a very nice feature, something like "rsync --exclude-open-files
sourcefiles dest/"


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