rsync/cwgwin hangs during transfers

Jamie Lokier jamie at
Tue Jan 19 18:43:24 MST 2010

Steven Hartland wrote:
> We've never been able to use rsync on cygwin reliably. We tried loads of
> things and whenever its been brought up on the cygwin list, the answer has
> always been that its down to issues with pipes implementation, which was a
> short coming of the underlining OS so nothing that could be fixed.

Did anyone ever actually say _what_ the implementation problem is?

I have googled several times over the years about this, and nothing
clear shows up.  Only that there is a problem which causes SSH and
rsync hangs and that it's to do with Cygwin or underlying
implementation - but never any details.

Yet, from that remark, I get the impression that somebody has an idea
what the implementation problem is.

If we knew what it was, we might have a chance at working around it.

-- Jamie

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