Same hang with 3.0.7

Carlos Carvalho carlos at
Fri Feb 26 18:24:58 MST 2010

Whit Blauvelt (whit at wrote on 26 February 2010 14:22:
 >A bit more on the hang, which continues to occur at any attempt to use rsync
 >for that part of the directory tree: It's always in the same place on the
 >progress display to the terminal. But it's not quite to the end, as I'd
 >thought at first it was.

That's somewhat different. I can't help you but I've also had rsync
hang some time ago. It consumed almost 100% cpu indefinitely; I killed
it after between 40min and 1h. It happened about 4 times, always when
updating our eclipse mirror. The hang was at similar but different
points. It was cpu bound and not io as you say. It occurred with 2
different upstream sources, one running v3.0.x and the other running
2.6.9, and here both with 3.0.6 and 3.1. All cases were with a
standard recursive/delete scan. I didn't report it because I didn't
have anything more specific. It never happened again.

BTW, the eclipse repository has been a can of worms here. I also had
corrupted log output from rsync with it... These corruptions are much
more recent, I don't know if there's a relation between the log and
hang events.

 >The strace is available. Has anyone looked at it.

You didn't post the link to it.

 >I sure can't read that thing.

It might show where rsync is hanging. But the distance between this
info and fixing the problem can be light-years...

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