Same hang with 3.0.7

Whit Blauvelt whit at
Fri Feb 26 12:22:15 MST 2010

A bit more on the hang, which continues to occur at any attempt to use rsync
for that part of the directory tree: It's always in the same place on the
progress display to the terminal. But it's not quite to the end, as I'd
thought at first it was. There's a small set of subdirectories it doesn't
make it through, or move files from. That wasn't obvious to me when I first
reported since at that point there were no new files there for it to fail to
move. Thinking it could be some file within those directories, I went
through them manually, running rsync at each subdirectory, and those
individual opterations worked fine. So:

- rsync for the larger directory tree hangs

- of the two directory branches there, it hangs on one branch, but not the

- it's entirely consistent in where it hangs, per the console output

- all the files/subdirectories beyong the hang (as it were) can be
  individually rsync'd

- this is a system where rsync had been working hourly on the whole
  directory tree without a hitch, hourly, for over a year

So it doesn't look to be a particular file that's poison to rsync. It is
specific to backing up the whole tree, or one subdirectory down, half the
tree, but I haven't been able to pin it to any of the contents of the
several directories beyond where it hangs - and of course new files
transferred before the hang are different each time, so no one of those is
something to suspect of choking the process. 

It might be something specific to processing the contents of some subdir
before the hang occurs, even though by the console display that processes
normally, and by top the system load doesn't ramp up until the hang is
evident on the console. Or ... what else could be involved here?

The strace is available. Has anyone looked at it. I sure can't read that


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