old files not getting deleted

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 15:50:24 MST 2010

>> Maybe you are getting an I/O error.  By default, rsync skips all
>> deletion of destination files when it gets an I/O error on the source,
>> to avoid erroneous deletion of destination files if the I/O error caused
>> them to be omitted from the file list.  (This is a very blunt measure
>> and making it more granular would be a good enhancement request, but
>> really the user should address the cause of the I/O errors.)  Look at
>> rsync's output to stderr, and also look for a message "IO error
>> encountered -- skipping file deletion".
> There are always a few errors, like "file disappeared" and the like since this is a live system (and mailboxes no less, where content is always changing).

You may wrap rsync with a wrapper as outlined at the link below. However, keep in mind that you may actually want to be told about such errors The wrapper could be altered meet your requirements : 


> 2010/02/16 01:24:20 [87560] rsync: readlink_stat("/spool/jails/mailbak.example.net/home/vpopmail/domains/example.net/A/spec/Maildir/new/1248843513.66447.example.net") failed: Bad file descriptor (9)
> 2010/02/16 01:24:20 [87560] rsync: readlink_stat("/spool/jails/mailbak.example.net/home/vpopmail/domains/example.net/A/spec/Maildir/new/1183175697.M407633P83781V00020D07I00573A16_0.example.net,S=19682") failed: Bad file descriptor (9)
> 2010/02/17 01:23:36 [91479] rsync: opendir "/spool/jails/mailbak.example.net/dev/fd/3" failed: Bad file descriptor (9)

After looking at the output on your system listed above, it looks like the wrapper at the link listed above may not cover your issue. Perhaps you have a different version of rsync or maybe there is a problem with your file system?

I hope this helps.

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