rsync: stat "/path/to/dest/file" failed: No such file or directory (2)

Andrei_r20 andrei.rakov at
Thu Feb 18 07:50:11 MST 2010

Well, the title says it all..

I tried to research on this subject, but didn't find anything conclusive to

Can somebody explain that error? If the file on destination isnt there, why
not just copy it from source, why an error?

I did a backup with rsync -aH --linkdest="/path/to/linkdir"
/path/to/original /path/to/backup... basically rsyncing into an empty
hierarchy. No errors here.

Now, the errors come when i try to recover, after replacing the original
harddrive with an older disk backup.
The command is

rsync -aH --delete /path/to/backup/ /path/to/original/
this is when i get this error:

rsync: stat "/path/to/original/file" failed: No such file or directory (2)

many files have changed since but the main hierarchy stayed the same...

what is the problem?

Thanks for clarifying me on that.

PS: rsync is running in "local" mode where the /path/to/original is an nfs
mounted filesystem.

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