Modified rsync over SSL patch

Uri Simchoni uri_simchoni at
Sun Feb 14 08:43:02 MST 2010

I've been working with Casey Marshall's SSL patch, and couldn't get it to work reliably - the transfer would abort pretty quickly. So I rewrote the main data pump loop of the patch to use non-blocking IO, and am attaching the new patch.
An rsync program using this patch is interoperable with the old patch.
Along with the modified message pump I added the following improvements:
- Buffering data to produce large SSL records (16K) to increase the encryption/decryption efficiency.
- Control of the SSL cipher list on the client via the RSYNC_SSL_CIPHERS environment variable
- Graceful termination in order to better pass last error messages from the server to the client
To use the patch (against 3.0.7):
    patch -p1 < rsync-openssl.diff

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