rsync --link-dest, --delete and hard-link count

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Feb 8 19:35:00 MST 2010

>>> cp -al, rsync
>> Various source changes would likely change some metadata in the old
>> sets.
> Yep.  See my request for a --no-tweak-hlinked option to avoid such

This is interesting. Though it would have more uses than being just
another bolt on alternative to the 'link-dest nosrc itemization' issue,
it is that in that regard.

>> And it doesn't handle those pesky multiple link-dests.
>  Presumably you would want to itemize with respect to only one of the
>  link-dest dirs ... cp -al

Someone brought up multiple link-dests as a sortof reason not to pursue
the generalized, in rsync, itemization solution. I've not had a reason to
use multiple link-dests yet, nor can I think of one other than as a
possible dire need for bandwidth/space savings. But in the case someone
does use them, which is fine, and they want 'link-dest nosrc itemization',
rsync will already have all the paths it needs as arguments and can then
sit back and do the crunching for said itemization.


I've looked at this one even less than the above one... as it's rather
diverged from the OP's Q#1 and the warning and proposal for 'link-dest
nosrc itemization'... and the expansion of this thread into a related but
unrelated catch all is melting my brain :-)

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