rsync --link-dest, --delete and hard-link count

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Feb 5 20:51:33 MST 2010

Beware when using rsync --link-dest, --delete -Haxi !!!

Files that are present in the previous datedir/hier/run but will
not be present in the currently to be made datedir/hier/run,
[because they are no longer present in the source hier],
DO NOT show up in the output of rsync -i as deletions.

Sure, these no-longer-present source files are not technically unlinked from
your previous archives in the current run, but it can be MASSIVELY confusing
and dangerous if you're a log watcher/reviewer looking for what has changed.
You'll never see the deletions from the source and if you nuke your old
snapshots thinking things are cool because of that, well, they're not.

Currently, the only way to detect it is run another -n --delete -i log review
run in the archive between the current hier and the previous hier and
look for just the 'deletes'. You could also run it between the source and
previous hiers.

I think there was a bug/enhancement lodged for this as rsync CAN
be made to do it all in one invocation. Don't know where it ended up.
Perhaps on my need to reply desk :)

There may be cause to print something like

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