rsync --link-dest, --delete and hard-link count

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Fri Feb 5 14:21:23 MST 2010

> The fist backup is done to an empty destination. Than, each following backup
> will be done to a freshly created empty dir with current date as name but
> with --link-dest option pointing at the previous (latest) backup directory.

LBackup also allows you quickly setup this kind of rotating hard linked backup.

With LBackup you have the option of receiving an email after each backup or just when there are errors. There are also various other features which you may find useful, such as built in post actions for syncing to remote systems.

If you end up going down the tar / untar path and you implement this system and it works well, please consider posting a link to the source code into this thread. This is because someone else may find such a system useful in the future.

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