[rsync] Does Filter use standard regex syntax?

Carlo Cancellieri ccancellieri at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 2 13:29:21 MST 2010

I'm going to build a bash/awk set of scripts to manage rsyncd configuration and management but I need some clarification on filter/include/exclude syntax.
I'd like to use the 'find' command to scan modules tree for per-dir merge/filter file.
Here is an option form find man:
-regextype type
Changes the regular expression syntax understood by -regex and -iregex tests which occur later on the command line.  Currently-implemented  types  are  emacs  (this  is  the default), posix-awk, posix-basic, posix-egrep and posix-extended.

Does Filter syntax match one of these standard?
If no:
1- Does Filter use a STANDARD regex syntax?
2- Where I can find developer API documentation?
3- In which *.c file(s) I've to look to replace the parse logic? (I'll use awk to do this)

thank you in advantage!
Carlo Cancellieri
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