Problems with deleted file logging

Enrico Gallo at
Sat Apr 24 10:04:10 MDT 2010

Dear list,

I am using rsync with Ubuntu:
clients use 7.04 LTS (rsync  version 2.6.9  protocol version 29)
server has 9.04 (rsync  version 3.0.5  protocol version 30)

I am working with rsync and I notice 2 strange behaviors:

the fist one is already described in , but I don't
find any reply

the second one, when parsing log file, absolute paths of deleted files
show pwd instead of destination directory

es: is placed in /home/dataware/core

(/home/dataware is DEST directory)

but log says:

2010/04/22 15:07:45 [7695] ::LOG:: *deleting /home/gallo/core/file.xyx

where  /home/gallo/ is my  current working directory ...

any hint?



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