include/exclude Problem

Benjamin Watkins ben-list at
Wed Apr 28 07:26:38 MDT 2010

On 4/24/2010 8:30 AM, Michael wrote:
> I have a little problem to get my include / exclude working:
> I want to sync /etc /home and /usr/local (and all files/dirs beneath)
> to REMOTEHOST:/dest
> There are some huge files in /home which I want to exclued
> I have set up an include/exclude file but I still get too much files.
> Also the excluded file is synced
> /usr/bin/rsync -av --exclude-from=excl --delete --numeric-ids
> --relative --delete-excluded / REOMOTEHOST:/dest
> cat excl
> + /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/
> + /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/etc/
> + /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/etc/**
> + /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/home/
> + /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/home/**
> + /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/usr/local/
> + /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/usr/local/**
> - /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/home/installsrc/opensuse112.iso
> - *
> Any hint what I am do wrong? I have read the man page a thousand times ...

The include/exclude rules are processed in order until a match is found. 
  In the sample you have provided, the opensuse112.iso exclude rule will 
never be reached, as it will already have been matched by an include 
rule for the entire contents of the home directory.

If you place this exclude rule first, you will achieve the intended result.


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