Optimizing RSync algorithm using techniques with Google used in courgette

Hasanat Kazmi hasanatkazmi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 16:56:43 MDT 2009

Hi,I am student at LUMS SSE (http://cs.lums.edu.pk) and an active RSync
Just few days ago, Google wrote about Courgette*: an algorithm which is
specially written for syncing executables. By using Courgette, Google made
diff size 1/10th of previous techniques used.
I was wondering if this (or something on same lines) can be used to optimize
RSync? I am senior and have to do a project. I am thinking to implement this
in RSync. I need input from developers. What do you guys think?


Hasanat Kazmi

Hasanatkazmi at gmail.com
Hasanat Kazmi
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