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Fri Nov 27 03:00:06 MST 2009

>> This information needs to be exported to userland in two different ways:

>> - A simple list of files and directories that have been updated since 
>> the generation requested. This should be suitable for feeding into 
>> rsync.

The way I read that, it's not something rsync-specific.  It sounds like 
btrfs would allow the generation of a list of files, which rsync (or tar, 
or zip, or whatever) could accept.  (Rsync obviously being the best 
choice, :-) )


$ export-whatever-from-btrfs | rsync --files-from=- / backup/


$ export-whatever-from-btrfs | tar -Jcvf backup.tar.xz -T -
$ export-whatever-from-btrfs | zip -@

> Is this someone that is likely to happen in the for see able future?

Sounds like a question for the btrfs folks.


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