Rsync deletion issue on failure

夏凯 walkerxk at
Wed Nov 25 23:12:39 MST 2009

do you have the --partial options on?
this is in the manual, and i usually use -P.
--partial               keep partially transferred files

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 14:03, Adam Gordon <adam.n.gordon at> wrote:
> I didn't see this in the man page or after a cursory Google search.
> I'm rsync-ing a file from computer A to computer B and the file does
> not exist yet on computer B.  My problem is that on a shoddy Internet
> connection, if rsync fails due to a connection error, the dot file it
> creates on computer B is deleted and I have to start the rsync all
> over from the beginning.
> Is there a way to tell rsync to NOT delete this dot file and pick up
> where it left off after failing?  I was in the middle of a 2-hour/2GB
> xfer and the connection died w/ 10MB left.
> Thanks,
> --adam
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