rsyncing large sized folder

Eliot Moss moss at
Wed Nov 25 05:45:14 MST 2009

love.wadhwa wrote:
> Hi
> I have to rsync a folder say 0. This folder inside it contains sub folders
> [0-999]. Inside this subfolders i have further subfolders [0-999]. so my
> directory structure is: 
>          /0/0/0/file
>         /0/0/1/file
>         /0/0/2/file
>               |
>               |
>          /0/0/999/file
>          /0/1/0/file
>         /0/1/1/file
>              |
>             |
>         /0/0/999/file      and so on till        /0/999/999/file.
> Now i am syncing the parent folder /0 on another machine.I have copied all
> the data to other machine and then run rsync.But rsync is taking a lot of
> time and is not getting completed.Moreover i want to know will rsync take
> this much time only the first time or also the next time when it is again
> run when theres only a change in few files say 5 or 10.

So ... you have a million directories and at least a million files? It has to
exchange at least some metadata about all of these (size, date/time, names),
and also has to access all those inodes on disks at each end. It does not
surprise me that this will take a while. Even if there is no data to transfer,
there is a goodly amount of *meta*data that rsync must examine. And it matters
what flags you are passing as well ...

Perhaps if you say more about the flags, the nature of the OSes at each end,
and the kind of connection you have between the systems?

Best wishes -- Eliot Moss

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