rsyncing large sized folder

love.wadhwa love.wadhwa at
Wed Nov 25 05:39:24 MST 2009


I have to rsync a folder say 0. This folder inside it contains sub folders
[0-999]. Inside this subfolders i have further subfolders [0-999]. so my
directory structure is: 

        /0/0/999/file      and so on till        /0/999/999/file.

Now i am syncing the parent folder /0 on another machine.I have copied all
the data to other machine and then run rsync.But rsync is taking a lot of
time and is not getting completed.Moreover i want to know will rsync take
this much time only the first time or also the next time when it is again
run when theres only a change in few files say 5 or 10.

Please help.    
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