rsync Digest, Vol 83, Issue 12

Robert Bell Robert.Bell at
Tue Nov 17 20:16:05 MST 2009

Dear rsync folks,

Re the recent discussion of: 
Subject: RE: Does files-from work with --delete?

We have come across the same issue, in doing partial backups of a file
system and using the --files-from and --link-dest feature to a re-cycled
area.  Files that should be deleted tend to build up.

I mentioned this issue to a colleague.

He suggested that after the backup is done, a reverse rsync -n from the
destination to source be done, to identify files that would be
transferred from destination to source to complete the synchronisation.

This then identifies files that are in the destination but not in the
source, and these can then be easily deleted in the destination.

I haven't tested this, but it sounds good, and have added this to my
list of actions for our backup scripts.

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