DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6896] Copy to nfs mounted partitions fails - RHEL 5.4

samba-bugs at samba-bugs at
Sun Nov 15 20:26:00 MST 2009

------- Comment #1 from matt at  2009-11-15 21:26 CST -------
IIUC, the upstream rsync project does not support 2.6.8 any more (i.e., the
3.0.0 daemon security fixes were officially backported only to 2.6.9), so
unless you can reproduce the problem with a newer rsync, you may be better
advised to bug Red Hat.

That aside, to understand the issue, we would need to see strace output showing
the mkstemp-related system calls leading up to the EACCES.  The temporary file
is somehow getting really weird permissions, and since NFS isn't so crisp about
checking permissions only at file-open time, that could certainly explain the

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