--fuzzy search over to-be-deleted files to catch moved files and directories

H. Langos henrik-rsync at prak.org
Tue Nov 10 09:55:39 MST 2009


I use rsync via rsnapshot to backup a large collection of files.
Using "--fuzzy" already saves me a lot of time by discovering most
renames that happen within a directory. Therfore I already use the
"--delete-after" option. 

Now the question is, if fuzzy search could be extended to search for
moved files across directory borders. If for example I move pictures
aound to reorganize them in a different directory hierarchy, or if I 
move whole directories around as I reorganize part of my music files.

I know there is --compare-dest but that requires knowledge of the old

As i understand it, the"--delete-after" option already implies that the
receiving side has to keep all to-be-deleted files till the end of the
So, instead of searching all files at the destination for a match, would 
it be possible to also search that list of files that otherwise would 
be deleted, and use them as potential fuzzy-match files?

If the performance penalty for performing this "file-resurrection" on 
lots of files would be too big, there could be an options to only keep
files over a certain size in that list "second chance" list.

Does that sound like a useful feature?


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