Incremental file list is being sent, but no new files are being written

Matt McCutchen matt at
Wed Nov 4 19:43:23 MST 2009

On Wed, 2009-11-04 at 00:33 -0800, Noam Y. Tenne wrote:
> This time the terminal displayed:
> Sending incremental file list
> And followed to list all the files in the drive. After running for about a
> day and half, the task was complete, but I couldn't find any output of
> actual files being transfered or of any errors.

With -v, rsync would only print the names of the updated files, as you
saw.  If you want to see more, consider -vv, -i, or --progress.

> Navigating through the backup directory, I saw that the missing files
> weren't transfered, and the backup was still incomplete.
> The same thing followed to happen also after deleting the contents of the
> backup folder, and re-running.

That shouldn't happen.  Have you checked the destination filesystem
(e2fsck or whatever) after the power interruption?  Please post your
rsync command line and "ls -l" output for an example destination
directory with missing files and for the corresponding source directory
to give us a clue of what the problem might be.

> Which parameter am I missing in the command in order to rewrite the existing
> files?

No option is needed.

> Where does rsync keep information about the backup job that I can clean up
> so it will start clean?

Rsync does not keep state between runs.  There is nothing to clean up.


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