best rsync for use with windows (client) and long file names

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Mar 27 08:13:49 GMT 2009

At 15:57 26.03.2009 -0700, dnk wrote:
>Good day,
>I have been doing some tests with rsync on windows (client) to backup  
>to a linux server.
>I started out with cwrsync, but ran into the dreaded "File name too  
>long (91)" error. Apparently due to an issue with the cygwin portion  
>of it. So I was then testing with a newer version of cygwin (1.7 beta)  
>as the long file name issue was resolved.
>In testing that with some large files (PST in this case), rsync seems  
>to take over the whole file, and not just the differences.

The delta algorithm is only used if you access a remote server
(e.g. with server::dest/path). For local syncs it is usually faster
to just copy the whole file than to reconstruct it from the old
file plus differences. There are switches to ease this behaviour
a bit (like change dest in-file instead of copying it, append at
the end) but unless you know what you're doing you should keep
the default behaviour.

I also use cwrsync but the few cases where the path was too
long I just shortened the source. Of course that may not be
possible for you.

bye  Fabi

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