best rsync for use with windows (client) and long file names

dnk d.k.emaillists at
Thu Mar 26 22:57:08 GMT 2009

Good day,

I have been doing some tests with rsync on windows (client) to backup  
to a linux server.

I started out with cwrsync, but ran into the dreaded "File name too  
long (91)" error. Apparently due to an issue with the cygwin portion  
of it. So I was then testing with a newer version of cygwin (1.7 beta)  
as the long file name issue was resolved.

In testing that with some large files (PST in this case), rsync seems  
to take over the whole file, and not just the differences.

my command i used was:

rsync -av --chmod u+wrx  "/cygdrive/c//Documents and Settings/User/ 
Desktop" "/cygdrive/z/clients/User

This was just a local sync.

Curious what ppeople are using for rsync on Windows with long file  
name support.

And also curious as to why rsync wuld pull over the whole PST file  



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