Converting file system

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Wed Mar 4 13:43:42 GMT 2009

At 14:35 04.03.2009 +0100, David de Lama wrote:
>Hi @all!
>I tested what happens with a file which is saved at a FAT32 partition and then this partition is converted to NTFS.
>So first I transfered the file with rsync from the FAT32 partition to my Linux /home folder. Then I converted the FAT32 partition to NTFS.
>After the convertation I transfered the file again to see what has changed (amount of data).
>I was surprised!!!! Nothing has changed!!! rsync only transfered the checksums.
>How can it be?
>Are the files on another layer? So that the file system doen't affect the file?

What did you expect should have changed? It wouldn't be much worth if the
conversion changed the file data. If you put a new shelf in the cupboard the
cups will still be the same...

bye  Fabi

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