How to speed up rsync when haveing lots of files

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Wed Mar 4 12:49:12 GMT 2009

On Wed 04 Mar 2009, Boniforti Flavio wrote:
> > This question has been answered. Upgrade to 3.0.5 on both sides.
> Why has upgrading to 3.0.5 to be done *on both sides*? Any explanation?!

Because the improved algorithm will only work if both sides understand

> As I'm running Debian Lenny (which has 3.0.3), do I have to switch to
> Debian Sid to get it upgraded?

3.0.3 should be enough for this purpose. The important speedup comes
when upgrading from 2.x to 3.x

However, if all those files are in one single directory, then it won't
make much difference, as there's nothing "incremental" to do then.

Using --whole-file --inplace might help, if disk IO is a limiting
factor. Read up on those options in the manpage for how that affects
rsync's behaviour.

(Pet grieve: why is there a hyphen between "whole" and "file", but not
between "in" and "place"? Same for "bw" and "limit". I always have to
look those up.)


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