rsync 3.0.x with Windows VSS-support

Leen Besselink leen at
Wed Jun 3 20:42:57 GMT 2009

Hi Folks,

Recently I took the patch Elias Penttilä wrote and 'forward-ported' it to rsync 3.

For people who don't know what it does, it implements backup of open files on Windows with rsync.

Because I think rsync 3 is more efficient and more current in comparison to rsync 2.

I made a small readme-page with information about what I've done so far and the status/limitations/binaries:

As most people, I'm a bit strapped for time and thus I like to prioritize the kind of
features/fixes/other changes that I need/peole want.

I'm contacting you folks to have a look, because I hope to get some feedback on what people need.

My hope is to get something that works so well to have it included it in the cwrsync-installer:

Their seems to be some interest from the cwrsync maintainer to possible include it.

Have a nice day,
	Leen Besselink.

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