Files with / in their name....

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Fri Jul 24 00:48:32 MDT 2009

If the sender OS is OS X, I would guess you are using an rsync patch  
that is not fully compliant with the colon to slash conversion.
The patch I did to let rsync copy the resource forks on OS X prior to  
Tiger had this problem, that is corrected on the last version.

Completing what Greg wrote: Mac OS standard API and HFS filesystem use  
":" to delimitate folders, while POSIX API uses "/". So when you are  
dealing with both APIs (case of my patch) you must convert things  

But if you have no particular patch or patchs that are compliant,  
rsync should deal well with those special characters.

Please fully describe your installation, so we can guess what's wrong  
with it.



Le 24 juil. 09 à 00:35, Greg Shenaut a écrit :

> On Jul 23, 2009, at 1:49 PM, Simon Powell wrote:
>> Yeah - this is from a Mac OS X server to a Linux box. It just sees  
>> the / and then stops as it expects a directory and sees a file.
> If the files are on MacOS, ':' is the classic path delimiter, and in  
> OS/X this is translated for what they call "BSD" programs into '/'.  
> But that means that the underlying system can have '/' in filenames,  
> and they get translated into ':' in the 'BSD" perspective. In other  
> words, ":Users:foo:21/08/08.ppt" is translated into "/Users/foo/ 
> 21:08:08.ppt" and vice versa. Maybe this is related to your problem  
> in some way.
> Greg Shenaut
>> On 23 Jul 2009, at 21:46, Paul Slootman wrote:
>>> On Thu 23 Jul 2009, monkeymoped wrote:
>>>> Hi there - I am trying to do a site to site nightly rsync between  
>>>> two boxes
>>>> using ssh - all of the setup steps work and everything can talk  
>>>> nicely etc.
>>>> However, the users unfortunately have lots of files with / in the  
>>>> filename
>>>> (eg 21/08/08.ppt etc.) - when I try and run rsync on the content  
>>>> of these
>>>> folders rsync understandably moans about the filenames being  
>>>> invalid (ie it
>>>> thinks they are folder seperators rather than filenames) and  
>>>> stops. Is there
>>>> a way I can get rsync to 'blindly' synch these files and ignore  
>>>> the / in the
>>>> filename? I would just say to the clients to rename said files  
>>>> but there are
>>>> a whold bunch of them, ie way too many to do this for. Any help  
>>>> much
>>>> appreciated!
>>> Wierd, last time I used a microsoft system, internally a forward  
>>> slash /
>>> was equivalent to a backslash \ , i.e. in C you could do:
>>>  fd = open("C:/path/to/file", O_RDONLY);
>>> and it would would just fine, accessing C:\path\to\file ...
>>> Anyway, you might be helped by using transliterate.diff from the  
>>> patches
>>> tarball.
>>> Paul
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