rsync with --copy-devices patch and device-target with --write-batch doesnt work

Matt McCutchen matt at
Thu Jan 29 05:50:59 GMT 2009

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On Sun, 2009-01-25 at 12:08 +0100, Freisei wrote:
> Matt McCutchen schrieb:
> > In the
> > meantime, you can strace rsync to see how the write(2) call is failing.
> How can i do this? Or where can i get infos to learn how to do it?


strace -f -o rsync.strace ./rsync ...

Then post the last 100 lines or so of the rsync.strace file, and I
should be able to see what is happening.  For more about the strace
command, see its man page.

Incidentally, see if you have enough disk space to hold the batch file.
If not, that would explain the error you are getting.


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