Rsync with OS X 10.3

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Sun Jan 25 10:59:35 GMT 2009

Le 25 janv. 09 à 00:53, Jason a écrit :

> I've compiled with the ASCII values and everything works as expected.

>   I'm still getting the other error so I'm not sure what has  
> happened.  I'll regenerate the disk image for backupbouncer as  
> maybe the file has become corrupt.
Which other error? Are you talking about:
>>> The only oddity now is if I run this for the first time on the  
>>> backupbouncer src and dst folder I get the following error:
>>> rsync: rsync_xal_set:
>> lsetxattr("Src/60-bsd-flags/dir-with-flags","")
>> failed: Unknown error: -5000 (-5000)
> For the index variable you chose an unsigned int.  Is there a  
> specific case you were thinking that would require the larger index  
> value?  I know having a signed value does not help as the index  
> will never be negative but it will remove a compile warning.  I'm  
> currently using the signed version without any troubles.
Again, this is only style. You can see in one hand that the index can  
never be negative and so put it as unsigned, in another hand you can  
say that the name will never be longer than the int limit  
(+2,147,483,647) so you can use int. There is another thing: putting  
it as unsigned helps the compiler warning you if you try (by mistake)  
to assign a negative value to the index. Well, here is a really  
simple code, so it's OK to leave signed int. But in practice it's a  
good reflex to always use unsigned when you don't need negative values.

Which warning does it raises?
> Cheers,
> Jason


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