Should posters be required to join the list?

Daniel Maher dma+rsynclist at
Thu Jan 22 09:43:16 GMT 2009

macuserfr wrote:

> I'm not always subscribed on the list because of the amont of mail with 
> no interest (for me) that I receive.
> When I'm expecting a reply (like now) I subscribe again to make sure I 
> receive it without looking in the web archive frequently.
> If the new model is as Matt describes, there is almost no change for me. 
> Just instead of subscribing/unsubscribing I would switch mail delivery 
> on and off what seams easier.

This is how i normally deal with lists as well - when i'm interested in 
conversing, i'll subscribe, and when i'm not interested, i unsubscribe.

This is, imho, the whole idea behind subscribing to a mailing list, no ? :)

Daniel Maher <dma+rsynclist AT witbe DOT net>

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