Should posters be required to join the list? (was: Bad habits)

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Thu Jan 22 09:15:35 GMT 2009

Le 22 janv. 09 à 04:47, Matt McCutchen a écrit :

> On Thu, 2008-03-20 at 11:52 -0400, Matt McCutchen wrote:
>>> Why are non members even allowed to post to the list?
>> Why shouldn't they be?  In my view, subscription to the list just
>> indicates a personal preference to receive all the mail because one
>> wishes to either help others or stay informed of rsync-related
>> happenings.  There's no reason why people who have one question but
>> aren't otherwise interested in rsync should be forced to subscribe.
> Under the new model, list membership would indicate willingness to
> participate on the list according to proper etiquette, but would *not*
> entail receiving all the mail: users are welcome to disable mail
> delivery in their member options.  That means we still cannot assume
> that everyone interested in a thread receives list mail, so the
> arguments put forth in the "Bad habits" thread for CC-ing interested
> parties directly still hold.
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> Matt
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I'm not always subscribed on the list because of the amont of mail  
with no interest (for me) that I receive.
When I'm expecting a reply (like now) I subscribe again to make sure I  
receive it without looking in the web archive frequently.

If the new model is as Matt describes, there is almost no change for  
me. Just instead of subscribing/unsubscribing I would switch mail  
delivery on and off what seams easier.

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