slow rsync connection establish

Matt McCutchen matt at
Wed Jan 14 05:01:52 GMT 2009

On Tue, 2009-01-13 at 16:20 -0800, tanshul22 wrote:
> I am running the rsync server on a windows xp machine on my local network. It
> is taking about 10-15 secs for me to get a connection with the rsync server.
> Once the connection is established, i am getting transfer speeds of 5-6MBps
> which is great. For every connection i see:
> name lookup failed for Unknown server error
> [3820] connect from UNKNOWN (
> I wonder if there is a way to disable the name lookup?

There currently isn't, but there have been multiple previous requests
for it:

I think it's reasonable to make rsync skip the lookup when "hosts allow"
and "hosts deny" are both absent from the configuration file.  That
means no hostname will be logged.  An admin who wants to know the
hostname can do a manual reverse lookup later or, if he/she insists on
having it determined at the time of the connection, specify "hosts allow
= *" like you did.  I will submit a patch.


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