Problem Escaping Spaces in File Name

Jon me at
Mon Jan 5 15:50:03 GMT 2009

Hi All,

I realize this has been addressed ad naseum, but I simply cannot seem to 
solve my issue despite many hours of mucking about. I am attempting to 
run a command like:

rsync -prvl --delete --stats --progress -e 'ssh -p 22 -i 
backup/company/data/current_backup/company_Ralf/doc\\\ -\\\ network/ 
root at"/drives/m/mirrorcentralstoredir/company/'doc - 
network/'" > '/backup/company/logs/Sync_company_doc - 

I am getting the error:

rsync: link_stat "/backup/company/data/current_backup/company_Ralf/doc\ 
-\ network/." failed: No such file or directory (2)

That particular call is escaped three times as per one of the examples 
on [1], but I have tried one and two escapes as well.

I have attempted all manners of escaping listed on the Rsync site [1], 
but to no avail. I suspect that is because I am using rsync through SSH 
and those examples deal with connecting to the rsync daemon on the 
remote system.

I have tried wrapping the source path in single quotes and double quotes 
(and the single then double quote as listed in [1])  as well as escaping 
the space with a varying number of backslashes and I always get the same 

I have verified that the source directory does indeed exist.

I am not an expert is escaping, but I believe the command is escaped 
twice. Once in the script that makes the call, once on the host OS when 
the rsync call is made.

Can someone save me from my madness and point out what I am not seeing?




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