looking for Windows rsync without cygwin

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Thu Jan 1 03:06:22 GMT 2009

wondering if anyone has built a native port yet.  It looks like I may have to go
through eliminate delta copy from a half a dozen machines because of transfer
lockups.  Conversation on the rsnapshot list indicates that using cygwin may be
the source of my problems.

"""Yes, there's a well-known Cygwin hang bug that rsync seems to hit
especially often.  IIRC, the problem is that the Windows API doesn't
provide the necessary functionality to fully emulate select(2) on pipes,
so Cygwin does the best it can and fails sometimes.  Setting a --bwlimit
may avoid the hang if the speed reduction is acceptable.

I'm going to try the bandwidth limit and retries tomorrow.  I wanted to see if
there were some other suggestions.


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