Is -R --link-dest really hard to use, or is it me?

Theodore Tso tytso at
Mon Feb 2 15:11:05 GMT 2009

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 12:23:31AM -0500, Matt McCutchen wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-01-26 at 03:48 -0500, foner-rsync at wrote: 
> > but eventually I'm
> > going to want to migrate this ext3 to ext4, and the problem will
> > recur at that point.
> Incidentally, are you sure about that?  I thought one could just mount
> an ext3 filesystem as type ext4 and it would be automatically converted
> in place.

Just as a point of information, you can mount an ext3 filesystem as
ext4 (and as of 2.6.29, an ext2 filesystem as ext4) and you will get
the some of benefits of ext4, including delayed allocation.  You can
also enable certain ext4-specific features, such as extents, and then
mount the filesystem using the ext4 filesystem code.  However, some of
performance improvements of ext4 only become available if you do a
dump/mkfs/restore of the filesystem in question.

					- Ted

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