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twooly twoolums at
Fri Dec 25 06:30:31 MST 2009

twooly wrote:
> Almost got my rsync running over ssh setup. Only problem is the actual
> file structure.
> Everything I want backed up is on my USB drive /USB/USB_HDD_4/*.* and I
> want it on my remote server underneath the backup folder. When I run this
> command it creates a USB_HDD_4 (i.e. I see /mnt/Data/backup/USB_HDD_4/*.*)
> folder and then everything is under that folder. What command can I run so
> its directly under the backkup folder (/mnt/Data/backup/*.*)?
> rsync -e "ssh -p 2223" -avz --delete-after /USB/USB_HDD_4
> user at
> Thanks in advance for the help.

Got it figured out.  Need the trailing slash on the source.

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