v3.0.4 and OSXS - Exit code: 1

Jonathan S. Abrams hociman at comcast.net
Sun Dec 13 09:49:55 MST 2009


I used Lingon for Leopard Server to create a launchd job that would 
execute the following rsync (v3.0.4) command when logged in as admin at 
12:01 AM each day.

sudo rsync -aAHvWX /Volumes/File_Storage/docs/ 

When launchd executed this command, it did not work.  The system.log 
file reads "Exited with exit code: 1".  It called it at 12:01 AM, but it 
did not execute properly.

When I VNC via SSH into the server, and execute that exact same command 
at the Terminal manually, it works as expected.  If anyone can offer any 
insight as to what to check so that this command will execute 
successfully when called by launchd, I would appreciate it.

My first thought is to modify the command to include the rsync path.  
sudo rsync -aAHvWX --rsync-path=/usr/local/bin/rsync 
/Volumes/File_Storage/docs/ /Volumes/File_Storage_Mirror/docs

Thanks for reading!

Jonathan S. Abrams
Apple Certified Support Professional (v10.5)

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