v3.0.4 and OSXS - Exit code: 1

Stefan Nowak p.org at gmx.at
Sun Dec 13 10:04:30 MST 2009

My first guess -- superficial because I am in a hurry right now but  
nevertheless want to help a little -- is that it is a permission  

Your command line starts with a "sudo", and I am not sure how  
"launchd" gets sudo permissions without user interaction.

Regards, Stefan Nowak

Am 13.12.2009 um 17:49 schrieb Jonathan S. Abrams:

> Hello,
> I used Lingon for Leopard Server to create a launchd job that would  
> execute the following rsync (v3.0.4) command when logged in as admin  
> at 12:01 AM each day.
> sudo rsync -aAHvWX /Volumes/File_Storage/docs/ /Volumes/ 
> File_Storage_Mirror/docs
> When launchd executed this command, it did not work.  The system.log  
> file reads "Exited with exit code: 1".  It called it at 12:01 AM,  
> but it did not execute properly.
> When I VNC via SSH into the server, and execute that exact same  
> command at the Terminal manually, it works as expected.  If anyone  
> can offer any insight as to what to check so that this command will  
> execute successfully when called by launchd, I would appreciate it.
> My first thought is to modify the command to include the rsync  
> path.  sudo rsync -aAHvWX --rsync-path=/usr/local/bin/rsync /Volumes/ 
> File_Storage/docs/ /Volumes/File_Storage_Mirror/docs
> Thanks for reading!
> Jonathan S. Abrams
> Apple Certified Support Professional (v10.5)

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