purge-empty-dirs and max-file-size confusion

Felipe Alvarez felipe.alvarez at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 10:26:24 GMT 2009

> From: "Ian! D. Allen" <idallen at idallen.ca>
> To: rsync at lists.samba.org
> Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 02:20:37 -0400
> Subject: purge-empty-dirs and max-file-size confusion
> I want to use --min-size to copy just large files (and their necessary
> parent directories), but everything I've tried copies *all* the source
> directories, and creates them empty on the destination even if they
> don't have any big files in them.  I only want the minimal directory
> hierarchies that contain the big files.  This doesn't work:
>    $ rm -rf /tmp/foo
>    $ rsync -ai --min-size 10M --prune-empty-dirs /home/idallen/test /tmp/foo
>    cd+++++++++ test/
>    cd+++++++++ test/dir1/
>    cd+++++++++ test/dir2/
>    cd+++++++++ test/dir3/
>    cd+++++++++ test/dir4/
>    >f+++++++++ test/dir4/BIGFILE
>    cd+++++++++ test/dir5/
>    >f+++++++++ test/dir5/BIGFILE
>    cd+++++++++ test/dir6/
>    >f+++++++++ test/dir6/BIGFILE
> Wrong.  I don't want all those dir1, dir2, dir3 empty directories.
> I don't want *any* empty directories, at any level.
> What am I missing?

Have you tried --no-dirs?


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