purge-empty-dirs and max-file-size confusion

Ian! D. Allen idallen at idallen.ca
Thu Apr 23 20:13:52 GMT 2009

> >  $ rsync -ai --min-size 10M --prune-empty-dirs /home/idallen/test /tmp/foo
> Have you tried --no-dirs?

Why should I need it?  I've explicitly told the receiving side "don't
create empty directories" and that should be sufficient.  I shouldn't
need any other options.  (In any case, I just tried "--no-dirs" and it
didn't change the result.  I still get piles of empty directories.)

Perhaps the man page lies, and --prune-empty-dirs does not operate on
the receiving side at all?

In the man page it says in one place "tells the receiving rsync to get
rid of empty directories from the file-list" and in another place it says
"prune empty directory chains from file-list".  The latter sounds like it
operates on the source list, not on the receiving list, and if rsync were
operating on the source list it would explain the current misbehaviour.

Has nobody ever wondered about this before?  I suppose I shall have to
Read The Source to find out what is wrong.  Please someone enlighten me
about what I'm missing, before I start digging around in there...

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