[SOLVED] RE: Problems while transferring big files

Boniforti Flavio flavio at piramide.ch
Fri Apr 17 06:20:43 GMT 2009

> I'm coming back to this issue, which I did not have time to 
> go on further...
> One of the DSL lines has been ugpraded:
> Before = 5000/500
> Actual = 20000/1000


> The conclusion is, there seems to be a "fixed timeout" which 
> happens at constant times. What can I do now? OK, I've to 
> admit that I didn't have time to put up "Method 4" for rsync 
> over firewall tunnelling...

As from the subject *this* issue has been solved. It was due to firewall
session timeouts, which were leading to tcprst!
I'm connected through a ZyXel P-2802HWL-I3 (VDSL router), so I disabled
its firewall and that was the solution.

Thanks to everybody!

Kind regards,
Flavio Boniforti

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